Our office measures itself by examining what we are capable of accomplishing through our skill and determination.

We have been involved in philanthropy for some years, primarily in Nepal.

After we were able to get a first hand look at the situation we realized the large amount of contributions that seep away through exorbitant price, corruption or simply high administration costs. Thus, in 2006, we  joined with an NGO (Non-Government Organization) Schulen-fuer-Nepal e.V. to build schools and assist with various school projects. With this NGO there are no noticeable management costs which occur.

Through hard work and luck, our senior partner, Dr. Schneider, made connections with on spot Nepali Partners with whom he was able to accomplish the building of two schools.

---- Kattike -----                                                                   ---- Kattike one mile away ----

Our philosophy is to help where people really need and are actively searching for it.  Therefore  we chose two areas with little infrastructure and partly dirt roads, located in the Nepali Mountains seven hours travel  from Kathmandu.

The uniqueness of these projects is not only that we were able to construct the schools with a low cost, but also that the money flowed primarily to the villagers. The materials we used, such as stone and wood, were taken from the area and processed there giving opportunity to the villagers who normally are selfsustaining and have no other possibility to earn money. The schools are remarkably beautiful for Nepali standards. The school in Kattike is made with traditional roof and various wood carvings and costs 50,000 €, and the school in Gothpani costs only 27,000 €. Both lie at approximately 1500 ms elevation on a picturesque mountain ridge.

---- Gothpani ----                                                              ---- Dapcha (the ols school is the right flat barrack) ----

Our Nepali organizers are:

Rabindra Puri - an architect and contractor, who studied in Germany and feels obliged to the Nepali building tradition, - who in conjunction with our firm constructed the school in Kattike/Deurali  in traditional Nepali Style - and Hari Gari, a building engineer, who built the school in Gothpani. Kattike contains ten classrooms and  Gothpani six.

A third school is in the process of being built in Dapcha, and in addition, the office of Schneider Schubert Breloh has recently been striving for a more ambitious project, - a new advance for Nepal - which is a business/vocational training center at the edge of the low mountains at Panauti, a small town, on the border of the Kathmandu-valley http://www.nepalwelt.de/site_mythologie_panauti.htm.
A property of  8.000 squaremeters has been bought in 2010.  This school would be able to gradually expand to unknown limits. Furtheron bigger building in the town itsself is planned. http://schulen-fuer-nepal.de/index.php/projekte/gewerbeschule

We must thank the multitude of friends and clients of the office who assist us in financing the schoolfurniture through their kind support. You can become one of them. Just think, a school bench and a table, locally made, cost only 30-35 €, but will mean so much more. It will provide a place for a student to learn, and then those children will be able to provide for and give back more to their community and further its development.

---- Nepal Vocational Academy in Panauti ----

We present the account of our partner NGO for contributions:


Account: 51 51 59
Bank Number: 790 630 60
Raiffeisenbank Estenfeld-Bergtheim eG 
IBAN: DE82 7906 3060 0000 5151 59

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