Grounded in the long-term experience of notaries and attorneys Dr. Schneider, Dr. Hoffmann, and Schubert-Breloh, we offer expert consultation and care in each of the common notarial tasks, such as:

    • -Real Estate Law with Proprietary Law and Building Carrier Law
      -Commercial Law
    • -Family Law
    • -Inheritance Law

Since the 2006-2007 Berlin real-estate boom, we have worked and  work as notaries on a multitude of purchase contracts as well as various foundations of real-estate companies with foreigners from different countries.  Furthermore, we oversee legal matters from administration, rental and utilization of the German real-estate.

Together with the attorney Jan-Peter Schubert, we seek suitable contract formations, especially in the forming or restructuring of companies.  We also assist real-estate companies in transactions such as the development of ownerships- for example, fund or dwelling partnerships.

Throughout the process we look after you, particularly while executing measures such as forced sale, bare division auctions, or real estate bankruptcy.

Furthermore, our office offers expert services concerning:

    • -Real estate/Property business law
    • -Building and Architect Law
    • -Brokerage  Law
    • -Insurance Law

Despite of previous activity and thus experience and substantial knowledge of further areas of commercial law such as -but not limited to- competition law, sign law and tax law, we work on these issues with consultation from expert colleagues, who work in these areas as their focus.

We hope to cultivate a close relationship with our clients.